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Alberta truck routes

Top Alberta Truck Routes and How to Prepare Your Truck for Them


As a heavy duty truck driver Explore top Alberta truck routes and tips for safe heavy-duty trucking. Ensure your truck’s reliability on these vital routes in Western western Canada, understanding the Alberta truck route map is vital for a successful and efficient oilfield, farming, heavy haul, transportation or vocational  business. Alberta is full of breathtaking landscapes along the routes that facilitate the movement of goods. Here are some of the top Alberta truck routes and valuable tips on how to prepare your truck to tackle these routes safely with confidence and ensure your truck’s reliability. 

Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 1)

The Trans-Canada Highway is the longest national highway in Canada and spans across Alberta. It connects our major hubs in Alberta (Calgary and Edmonton)  with the rest of the country. While there are a few routes to take on the Trans-Canada, you can always be sure this path will connect you and your load to the destination. This route is well-maintained and offers a smooth driving experience.

Highway 2

Also known as the Queen Elizabeth II Highway, is a major north-south route that connects from the US border to Calgary,Edmonton and beyond. This route will get you all the way to Grande Prairie if you’re looking to take the scenic route. It is one of the busiest highways in Alberta, carrying significant commercial traffic. Highway 16 (Yellowhead Highway): Highway 16 is an important east-west Alberta truck route. It connects Edmonton with cities like Jasper and Hinton and further into British Columbia. This highway passes through mountainous terrain, so it is crucial to ensure your truck is well-maintained, particularly for its braking system, as you may encounter steep grades and winding roads.

Highway 63

Highway 63 is a vital transportation route in Alberta, connecting Edmonton with Fort McMurray. This highway is commonly used for transporting goods in the oilfield sector as well as your more common goods industries. You’ll be sure to see a little bit of everything on your voyage here.

Highway 43

Highway 43 runs northwest from Grande Prairie to the British Columbia border, passing through scenic landscapes and serving as a very important trade route.

Alberta Forestry Trunk Road

Be prepared for a mix of gravel and paved surfaces over the road’s 1,000-kilometer stretch. While the scenery along the route is breathtaking, some sections, especially in winter, may lack road maintenance. The most exciting part of the journey features tight curves and switchbacks between Ghost Dam reservoir and Nordegg, with access to nearby towns for essentials. Watch for intersections and consider refueling options at places like Mountain Aire Lodge and scenic stops like Ram River Falls along the way.


In addition to the specific considerations for each route, here are some general tips for preparing your truck driving through these highways in Alberta:


  1. Regularly inspect and maintain your truck to ensure it is in optimal condition. This includes checking fluid levels, brakes, lights, and tires. Keep a maintenance log to track repairs and servicing.
  2. Stock your truck with essential supplies, such as spare tires, tools, first aid kits, emergency flares,  tire chains, triangle kits, extra DEF bottles, food and water and a fire extinguisher. Also, have a truck route map or a GPS navigation system to help you navigate the routes effectively.
  3. Stay informed about weather conditions along your route and adjust your plans accordingly. In winter, check road conditions and be prepared for snow and icy conditions by equipping your truck with snow chains, winter tires, antifreeze, and windshield washer fluid designed for freezing temperatures.
  4. Identify rest areas, truck stops, your closest GreatWest Kenworth dealer for service or parts and the designated parking areas along your route where you can take breaks, eat, stretch, and get some sleep when needed. Long-haul trips require proper rest.
  5. Follow all traffic rules and regulations, including speed limits and weight restrictions. Ensure your load is properly secured to avoid any accidents or damage during transportation.
  6. Make sure your truck is equipped with reliable communication devices, such as a two-way radio or a mobile phone, to stay connected in case of emergencies or traffic updates.


Navigating Alberta truck routes requires up to snuff truck preparation to ensure a successful and secure journey. By prioritizing regular maintenance, equipping your truck with essential supplies, and staying updated on weather and road conditions, you can confidently tackle driving in Alberta. GreatWest Kenworth is dedicated to supporting your trucking business. Contact us to access expert advice, the right parts, high-quality trucks, and reliable service. 




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