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I'm Adam Czarnecki (chair-net-ski) the Human Resources Manager for all the Great West Kenworth Dealerships in Alberta. I also maintain the Career Section, our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts. 

Thanks for checking us out and looking through the different sections. I honestly feel we have one of the best dealership groups to work for. I'm very proud of Great West Kenworth and what we do for our community.

Have a read of what our employees think of us, as we think we are pretty awesome as well.

If you have any questions you can email me directly at [email protected] or call 403-537-2284 otherwise send your resume through our indeed portal


I heard through a casual acquaintance of mine, that works for Great West Kenworth that a position had opened up. He said it was a great company to work for, and has been there for 5 years and has really enjoyed working there. During the interview the managers were very straight forward. They offered great pay and great benefits. They have been very supportive of my training and my schooling. I was nervous when making this career change after 6 years with the same company but the staff were very welcoming to me and my family as if I had worked there for years. It is a wonderful team to work for and be a part of.

Tyler Thirsk

Part Person, Apprentice - Calgary, 2013

I started at Greatwest in 2006 as a technician and immediately felt at home here. The staff were friendly and approachable while I was settling in. Over the years I managed to advance myself to a supervisor, shop foreman and more recently to Service Manager. The company rewards positive individuals that strive to make a difference and is also one of the top paying OEM Service shops in Calgary. Great west provides its staff with a financially stable work environment with opportunity for advancement and the benefits are great also. I know my family has benefited from me working here with the use of company benefits and top pay.

Ryan Dicken

Service Manager - Calgary, 2006

I came to Canada with my wife to work for Kenworth’s Grande Prairie location from England where I was working as a HET for a main dealer. I had looked into Greatwest Kenworth before so when the opportunity came to work for them I jumped at the chance. The application and interview process with Kenworth was straightforward, once the AAIT application was filled and sent all I had to do was wait for approval. Once approved, Kenworth provided all the documents needed for immigration and were very helpful with any issues or questions we had. They made the whole process a lot easier and less stressful. Once here the staff made me feel very welcome, even letting me borrow their tools until mine turned up and I soon settled in. Writing the exam made me nervous as a lot rested on the results but I was provided all the reading materials which I read through and passed first time 4 months after arriving. I have been made to feel welcome and that the work I perform is appreciated, also I have found Kenworth to be a fair and honest company always keeping to their word and promises.

If you’re looking for a change but still doing the job you know and love I encourage you to come and give it a go. The best advice I could give would be to be organized and keep originals or copies of all forms, this makes the whole process easier to have them to hand if needed.

Mark Forbes

$HGV Technician (HET), Grande Prairie - 2013

During my interview, when looking for a position as a journeyman Partsman. I offered this Company “an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.” I have lived up to my end and so had Greatwest Kenworth. As a family owned business, they still have an open door policy and always take time to address an issue if you have one. Just a great company to work for the last 29 years.

Dave Gulash

Parts Manager - Lethbridge, 1984

I was hired as a credit assistant and quickly moved into an account manager and later to an assistant credit manager. I enjoy what I do and enjoy the people I work with which is why I am still here to this day. Also the unique benefits that fit specifically to each employee is such a bonus, and the support from co-workers and management makes it very easy to come to work every day!

Charlotte Burke

Assistant Credit Manager - Calgary, 2004

During the last 3 years that I have worked for Great West Kenworth I’ve been encouraged to explore, show and develop my skills, it’s has been a great experience that has helped me learn and grow personally and professionally. The leaders of the business are very approachable and very committed to the team’s success, and my co-workers are very professional and supportive. I am very proud to be a part of the Great West Kenworth team and look forward to work here for many more years and for all the opportunities and challenges that come ahead.

Pablo Canaveral

Sales and Finance Administrator - Calgary, 2011

When we do our employee surveys the #1 reason people enjoy working at Great West Kenworth are always “the people they work with every day.” I’ve been with the company for over 8 years, and I must say we have amazing and passionate people at Great West Kenworth. All of the managers have worked their way up through the ranks and are very knowledge and well respected within the company and our industry. A number of our staff sit on advisory Alberta Apprenticeship Industry Training and various other post-secondary education committees. We support the RAP (Registered Apprentice Program) and hire students from local high schools who are interested in entering the trades. And we ensure our apprentices attend training requirements on an annual basis. We believe in investing in our people, providing a stable, safe and friendly work environment and providing competitive wages with a unique benefits plan to match our employee’s needs. I know I might be a little bias but I truly believe we are one of the best places to be if you want to develop yourself in your chosen field and work with the latest and greatest technology the industry has to offer.

Adam Czarnecki

Human Resources - Calgary, 2006

I came to Calgary in April 2010 on an IEC visa and ended up working for Great West Kenworth. In the beginning I found it difficult to adapt to their ways more so because I wasn't use to working in a dealership before but between the foreman and all of the other techs there I was soon up to speed!! They were beyond helpful and anyone would willing lend a hand or a tool to help you along! Very welcoming atmosphere and never once felt like an outsider!

Their attention to detail and doing things by the book gave me a great sense of pride. Also very secure financially. In April of 2011 I left Great West Kenworth to go home to Ireland for personal reasons although Kenworth had offered me many times to sponsor me to stay.

My great memories in Kenworth stayed with me in my mind and in 2013 I decided that I'd like to go back again. I contacted them and inquired if they could help me and I'm glad to say they accepted without hesitation!! Adam in HR there got the whole thing organized and made everything so simple for me. Directed me to every necessary link I needed and even went beyond that to help me along. Could not deal with more helpful people!

I started working on Feb 2014 and fell right back into place. Great atmosphere and all the help in getting up to speed again. Very thankful for all there help along the way.

Pierce Fallon

I moved to Canada in May 2012 with my wife, to work at Greatwest Kenworth in Calgary. Originally from the UK, working as a Heavy Goods Vehicle tech for a major car hauling company, I had always wanted to move to Canada and after contacting Greatwest Kenworth the ball started rolling.

I found the interview process very easy and friendly, and accepted the job straight away. After contacting the AAIT to get my UK qualifications and working hours approved the process seemed simple and within a few months I arrived in Alberta.

On my first day at work I was obviously very nervous, but after meeting everyone those nerves soon left. I was surprised as how welcoming and friendly the staff were, especially with being from another country, but no one had any issues when I asked to borrow tools as mine had not yet arrived or asking for help on jobs.

I borrowed textbooks from work to prepare for the upcoming exam and waited 6 month before attempting it, and after passing I felt very confident at work.

Working at Calgary Greatwest Kenworth is very rewarding, not just because of the great benefits we receive but more so for the professionalism and attitude of the staff, we have a very diverse range of skills and knowledge from all the various backgrounds we have, which makes us a great team to work for.

I'm proud to say I work for Calgary Greatwest Kenworth.

Stu Graham

HGV Technician - Calgary, 2012

Open and Welcoming Environment for an Immigrant Worker. GreatWest offered me a great opportunity to come to Canada. As everybody who has obtained a work visa and knows how hard this process can be, GreatWest Kenworth was awesome in facilitating anything required involved in this process. They offered a very competitive wage and great benefits. In an easy going and friendly environment, where everybody was willing to help each other out. I learned the distinct differences in technology of the trucking industry between Europe and North America. I really appreciated the opportunities that working for this company has afforded me.

(Editor's Note - After completing 3 years with us, this employee received an opportunity to join the local Fire Department which I think we all understand he couldn't say no to. It was a Win-Win for us, him and our community.)

(Former Employee)

HET/HGV Mechanic - Clairmont, 2010

I remember the first day walking through the doors at Greatwest Kenworth, it was the day of my interview. For whatever reason I was really wanting the reception position more than any other position I have ever applied for or had before (which I did get). It didn’t know why then but quickly came to realize that it wasn’t what I could offer Greatwest Kenworth but what Greatwest Kenworth could offer me. Two wonderful owners who make you feel like family and a great bunch of employees who I enjoy working with. I get up in the morning and say to myself “I actually want to go to work today.”

I have been with the company for just over three years now and I have learned a lot. I went from Receptionist to Administration and Accounts Payable to now having my own office and working in the Credit and Collections department, which I never thought would happen especially in three short years. This company saw my potential and encouraged me to reach for my goals. I look forward many more years here and dreading the day I have to leave.

What I would say to people reading this and who are looking for employment is don’t be afraid just apply you never know where it could lead you.

Amanda Tomlin

Credit & Collections - Calgary 2011


When working at GreatWest Kenworth Ltd., employees are offered a comfortable, clean, and supportive environment, with opportunities for growth and advancement. Competitive wages are matched with a comprehensive, up to date employee benefits program that caters to the needs of staff and their families. Some of the benefits are:

  • Private Health Care Services (Details below)  
  • Life Insurance and AD&D 
  • Dependent Life
  • Short-Term Disability
  • Long-Term Disability
  • Critical Illness Coverage
  • Up to $2640 in  a Health Spending Account 
  • Up to $2640 in  a Personal Development Account 
  • Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Health Plan - 80% of prescribed drugs, 100% coverage of all other eligible expenses
  • Dental Plan - 80% basic, 50% major and 50% orthodontics 
  • 5 Paid Sick Days
  • Up To $400 Boot and Tool Allowance
  • RRSPs and TFSA
  • 3 weeks vacation after 3 years
  • Direct Deposit Payroll, Anywhere Online Pay Statements & Benefits Information access
  • and more...

We also have private health care services for all our Full-Time Employee

WELLO dramatically improves our benefits and reduce absenteeism with doctor appointments for routine support and be complementary to our already stressed Alberta Health Care system. Wello provides medical support from nurse practitioners remotely via phone, video or chat. This is the future of healthcare.

Here is a Video introduction:


Treatment of conditions via phone, chat or video such as:

  • Infections
  • Bronchitis
  • Flu, colds
  • Fevers
  • Minor injuries, wounds
  • Concussions
  • Skin Rashes
  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Prescriptions *
  • Post-hospital care 
  • Specialist referrals *
  • Diagnostic tests *

Professional health advice such as:

  • Nutrition & exercise plans
  • Prenatal advice
  • Health promotion
  • Disease prevention
  • Fertility concerns
  • Early childhood development
  • Child and teen health
  • Stress & burnout concerns
  • Mental health advice & support
  • Retirement and transition anxiety
  • Divorce stress & anxiety
  • Travel advice
  • Care advice for elderly parents
  • Preventative and lifestyle planning

Hiring Tips



Need Help? Check out this Web Series:

Ryan Dicken Service Manager Interview on Recruiting Technicians

Interview with Ryan Dicken on How to get into the Trades and what he looks for in the technicians he hires.



  • Apply via Indeed Portal
  • Answer the Pre-Applicant Questions HONESTLY
  • Your Resume is then sent directly to the Hiring Manager
  • Hiring Manager Reviews Resume
  • Hiring Manager rejects resume OR
  • Hiring Manager emails or calls candidate for an in-person interview
  • Hiring Manager conducts Interview
    • Standard Behavioral Questions
    • Technical Knowledge
    • Work History
  • Hiring Manager reject candidate OR
  • Hiring Manager requests HR to conduct Reference Check
  • HR complete Reference Check (positive check)
  • Hiring Manager phones candidate for Verbal Offer and Starting Date
  • Hiring manager informs HR of Start Date
  • HR send out employment offer with benefit information, employee manual and additional information.
  • Candidate accepts, signs and emails back offer.
  • Set get ready for the employees first day
  • Receive email a couple days before your first day on your username and passwords
  • First Day!



  • Meet with your Manager
  • Punch In (because we emailed you the info)
  • Taken on a Tour of the Dealership
  • Introduced to your co-workers
  • Double check your work equipment and network accounts (email)
  • Watch our Health and Safety Video Orientations
  • Read a Few policies (10) such as Cannabis at work is not allowed
  • Schedule an appointment with HR to complete your paperwork
  • Meeting with HR to go over benefits, policies, and employment offer
  • Then you are freed to return to your department for training usually buddied up with a few days or few weeks



Our in-house Recruitment Team and Hiring Manager looks at:

  • Your overall direct experience for the position and industry
  • Dates of past jobs
  • Tenure or Length in previous positions
  • Name of the past companies you worked for
  • Titles of your past position
  • Your certifications (Trades certification, engine certifications, courses and training)
  • Your specific past roles and responsibilities and how aligned they are with the current role

On average 95% of candidates are rejected lacking experience in an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or heavy equipment dealership environment as it is very different from a maintenance shop or automotive environment.

If the above is in alignment and you are seen as a good applicant match, your resume is forwarded via email to the hiring manager.

Unfortunately, rejection letters are usually sent only after a posting has been closed on indeed which may take 1 to 2 months after you have applied.

If you have taken the actual time to read all of this and you want to get into the HET or Parts Trades but you keep getting rejected online because of lack of experience, then show us your determination, passion and drive and show up at the dealership and ask to speak with the hiring manager for the department (Name in Job Posting not HR). And convince them to take a chance on you. Another Tip... confidence, firm handshake, eye contact and practice what you are going to say... don't "wing it." You have one chance to make a great impression.

Good Luck!



How we hire for Apprenticeship Opportunities for Heavy Equipment Technician Jobs in Alberta, Canada.

Do you want to find a Heavy Equipment Technician Job in Alberta, Canada, or a Heavy Duty Mechanic Job in Grande Prairie? Getting into the Heavy Duty Industry is difficult but once you get in, it is much easier to get a Truck and Transport Mechanic Job in Alberta.

There are 3 preferred ways we hire for the entry level positions of 1st-year apprentices trying to get into the Heavy Duty Truck Industry to get a Heavy Equipment Technician Job in Alberta.

The first and the easiest is to become a Registered Apprentice Program (RAP) Student while you are in High School. This way you earn credits towards your GED, earn money, experience and hours towards getting a Heavy Equipment Technicians Journeyman Ticket. For more information on the RAP Student click here or contact your High School Career Counsellor. We most often choose these students as 1st-year apprentices once they graduate high school.

apprentice flowchartThe second preferred method we hire for mechanical jobs in Alberta is the DET programs through post-secondary institutes like SAIT, NAIT, OLDS College, Red Deer College, Fairview College (Grande Prairie) and Lethbridge College. In this method, you can take an 8-month full-time course that covers the basic educational requirement of 1st and 2nd-year apprentices. We usually hire you as a pre-apprentice for the first 3 months and then hire you on as a 1st year if you pass your probationary period. Then you just have to work your hours towards your apprenticeship for the first two years.

The third method of getting mechanics jobs in Alberta is to start as a Shop Helper. You are in this position for about 18 months before you are considered for an apprentice. 60% of your job requires you to clean and maintain shop supplies and 40% helping journeyman heavy duty technicians in Alberta. The faster you get your daily duties done the more you can help technicians and get more experience.

The fourth and most difficult path but not impossible to get an apprenticeship opportunity job in Alberta in to apply as a first-year apprentice with some type of mechanical background in work experience or education. For example, if you took shop class in high school or you have worked in junior roles in the automotive industry like Canadian Tire or Mr. Lube.

Those are the 4 most common paths in getting mechanicals jobs in Alberta, Canada with Great West Kenworth. For additional tips in preparing your resume please read below. You can also take advantage in downloading a template for your resume here.


Resume Tips

resume template

  • Relevant work experience is a must.
  • Relevant Heavy Duty Industry experience is an asset.
  • Clear Work History with dates is very beneficial.
  • Relevant education experience is essential especially for apprentices.
  • Put the Career # and City in your Subject Line of your email.
  • A quick introduction on where you saw the Job Posting, about yourself and your professional background in your email body.
  • PDFs are ideal but WORD works as well. WPS and ODT files are sometimes difficult to open and may change your formatting.
  • Do not send links of your resume, such as SkyDrive, we do not click on outside links.
  • Download a template for your resume.

Good luck and if you were not chosen this time, we encourage you to apply again in a few months.


Other Resources

Here are some standards for Heavy Equipment Mechanic Jobs Salary Ranges and Ranges for Apprentices

Apprentice Progression

  • All employees that are currently attending High School are considered RAP Students.
  • Once a Rap Student graduates High School they qualify to become a 1st Year Apprentice with 3 months of graduating.
  • Pre-Apprentices are those employees who have been hired with the intention of signing up as apprentices in the near future.
  • A Rate – Top Rate
  • B Rate – Less than 10%- 19% of A Rate
  • C Rate – Less than 20% of A Rate

HET Heavy Equipment Technician Jobs in Alberta

RAP Students: $12 to start and no more than 50% of C-rate after sign-up.
Pre-Apprentice: No more than 50% of C-rate.

  • 1st Year: 1500 Hours - 70% PassWage - 60% of C-Rate
  • 2nd Year: 1500 Hours - 70% PassWage - 70% of C-Rate
  • 3rd Year: 1500 Hours - 70% PassWage - 80% of C-Rate
  • 4th Year: 1500 Hours - 70% PassWage - 90% of C-Rate

Truck and Trailer Mechanic Jobs in Alberta

RAP Students: $12 to start and no more than 50% of C-rate after sign-up.
Pre-Apprentice: No more than 50% of C-rate.

  • 1st Year: 1500 Hours - 70% PassWage - 60% of C-Rate
  • 2nd Year: 1500 Hours - 70% PassWage - 70% of C-Rate
  • 3rd Year: 1500 Hours - 70% PassWage - 80% of C-Rate
  • Journeyman Market Value for Skills, Performance, and Efficiencies


Currently, our Relocation Assistance Program is only provided for our Grande Prairie Location for Heavy Duty Technicians and Auto Body Technicians.

It all depends on your experience and how far away you are coming from to move to Grande Prairie send me an email at [email protected] and we can discuss further.

When moving to your new home in Alberta, there is a lot you will need to know, and you will need to make many important decisions. This section will help prepare you for living in Alberta.

  • Help you prepare for your arrival in Alberta
  • Make your transition to your new home go more smoothly

For more information click here: