The W900 is a timeless heavy truck design with the ability to add your unique signature, choosing from a long list of first class factory installed options.
When you’ve arrived, there’s really only one choice to make: Kenworth W900. The perfect fusion of cutting-edge technologies, expert engineering and classic styling. It just doesn’t get any better than this.  From the day it was introduced, the Kenworth W900 reflected a dramatic departure in heavy-duty trucks.  It brought the road to life for drivers and owners alike.  Set the pace in long-haul performance, reliability, ease of maintenance, productivity and sheer luxury.  Combined ready-for-anything functionality with beautifully aesthetic design like never before.  And proved as comfortable behind the wheel as it was on the bottom line. Since then, our job has been to carefully – and continually – refine the W900 without changing what made it great. Today, few things in business exceed expectations quite like a Kenworth long-nosed conventional. Fewer still continue to excite and inspire successive generations of drivers.  For many, a Kenworth W900 is the ultimate goal. And no wonder.  In a world of copycats, knockoffs and unrelenting parity, this is an original – a rare piece of individuality you can call your own.