They say you can’t improve on a legend.We respectfully disagree. The T660 is a redesign of the iconic T600 tractor, with evolved aerodynamics, leading edge technologies, and graceful styling that takes efficiency to a new level.

The sweep of time has always brought unimagined advances, as true in trucking as it is in life. A bold new concept in aero conventionals, the Kenworth T660 combines the artistry – and practical benefits – of optimized aerodynamics with unprecedented luxury, intelligent technology, time-tested methods, and unmatched value. Let your journey begin.

The aesthetics of aerodynamic truck design call for exacting and rigorous standards. You don’t create North America’s most highly evolved aerodynamic long-haul conventional by taking anything for granted. You scrutinize and fine-tune even the smallest detail – the precise headlamp shape, hood slope, chassis fairing, and synergistic fit of every aero component. You employ leading-edge tools, technologies, and materials to advance the state of aerodynamic art. And with your eyes firmly on the road ahead, you push the envelope as far as it will go.

An investment in the Kenworth T660 pays off in greater fuel economy, driver retention, productivity and one more thing: resale value. Kenworths are always more valuable used than any other truck you can name. Whether you purchase or lease, for the long-haul you will be glad you own The World’s Best.