LandLoc Environmental Products Partnership


Greatwest Kenworth Ltd is pleased to announce we have entered into a distribution agreement with LandLoc Environmental Products of Calgary, AB.

LandLoc Enviromental Products provides Environmentally Friendly solutions for soil stabilisation, wind and water erosion and dust control. Solid results begin with our advanced technology. LandLoc Environmental products seamlessly bind elements together to outperform when it comes to wind and water erosion, soil and sub-base stabilisation and pad construction. This innovative technology allows you to get the job done, and done right, all while reducing your ecological footprint. Simple, safe and sustainable, our products are the ultimate in soil stabilisation and dust abatement on the market today.

"The addition EcoHaul Soil Stabilizers to our customers, provides solutions to the challenges of gravel lots, roads and staging area's, while both improving safety and the environment," said Paul Storwick, President. "Whether they are long haul, construction or oilfield, many of our customers experience the challenges of a gravel lot, road or staging area and the problems that can create for their operations.."


"By partnering with LandLoc, our team can continue to provide innovative solutions to our customers challenges." said Storwick "Our goal is to continually expand our product offerings to our customers, and adding the LandLoc Soil Stabilization Products to our portfolio allows us to further prove our commitment to equipping our customers with equipment and technology to strengthen their success," added Storwick.


While LandLoc Enviromental Products solutions are designed to deal with the most complicated soil stabilisation issues, their products are easy to use and cost effective.

Find out more about this exciting partnership below.

EcoHaul- Stabilizing Gravel Roads, Pads & Parking lots! 

EcoSoil- Environmentally Friendly, long term dust abatement! 

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